Opal Car Seat Black



1. Long-lasting value car seat, growing with your baby from birth to 4 years 2. High comfort seat with length and width adjustment to ensure perfect fit from baby to toddler 3.Extended safer rearward-facing travel until the child is approx. 15/18 months old 4. Easy switch system from rearward- to forward-facing, without reinstalling the full belt routing


1. Excellent consumer test rating 2. Side Protection System offers the best possible protection in side impacts 3. Multi-group car seat: 1 car seat for 2 age groups, from birth to around 4 years: Group 0+, birth to 13 kg and Group 1, 9 to 18 kg 4. Convertible car seat: use rearward facing for babies up to 13 kg then switch to forward facing for toddlers


1. More legroom and adjustable headrest so baby can travel rearward facing longer for added safety 2. One-click easy switch from rearward to forward facing position, using the same belt route 3. Belt tensioner tightens car seat belt for extra solid installation in both directions 4. Height and width of seat easily adjustable to perfectly fit both baby and toddler 5. Includes support pillow for younger babies 6. Base inclination offers optimal comfort in rearward facing position 7. Linked adjustability of headrest and harness: one pull adjusts both same time to one of 6 height settings 8. Easy front access recline to 5 positions from sitting to sleeping


9. Award-winning compact design to fit all cars 10. 3-Point car seat belt installation, with seat belt route clearly indicated on seat 11. Luxuriously padded seat and protective belt covers 12. Seat cover can be removed for cleaning without taking out the harness 13. High seating offers good view from car 14. Approved conforming the latest European safety standard ECE R44/04


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Talk about an enjoyable ride! The Bébé Confort Opal is convenient, comfortable and your baby travels rearward facing for a longer time too! The Opal is a multi-group car seat covering the age from birth to around 4 years. The seat height and width can be adjusted to fit your child perfectly. It converts easily from a rearward-facing car seat (birth to 13 kg) to one that faces forward (9 to 18 kg). Just as easy, the luxuriously padded Opal adjusts from sitting to sleeping for the most enjoyable of journeys. Age: birth-3.5 years Weight: birth-18kg Fittings: vehicle seatbelt


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